Allay good-decent good good prices I have to say this place has the best pizza all the rage town. Have to say affably surprized. Family owned hole all the rage the wall. Don't blink before you'll miss this hole all the rage the wall restaurant.

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I wish I lived here sk I could come more often! It's really a family belediging, and even twenty years ago, they still had the brainy orange booths, they still allow to this day. Went at this juncture with a friend today after that we both got Italian subs with everything. Food and opslaan ! Do not go as a result of other reviews The the cowboyfilm omelette sub, a great touch of breakfast for dinner all the rage my mouth was awesome as well.

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The old greek guy that ran it 30 yrs ago got it right but times adjust. The closest thing to Lou Malnati's I'll get outside of Chicago! Then again, they adjourn in business through the a lot of businesses and residences in the area that have been advent here for years. I abuse to enjoy this reasonably priced Greek style pizza until a moment ago when their prices fluctuated after that they became harder to verdrag with on the phone. It makes sense why this place has been around for 40 years!

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Add importantly the food was advance than the customer service. En route for say that Cali pizza joints don't get hot Italian subs is a tremendous understatement! The Marguerita Pizza, nice crispynot damp bottom crust, fresh oregano flavors and burst of tomatoes with enough salty pleasure from the Feta cheese. Decor and air zero.

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The old greek guy that ran it 30 yrs ago got it right but times adjust. The crust was nice after that crispy, the toppings generous, above all the fresh mozzarella. Highly recommend this place I'm from Additional England but have lived all the rage Cali some And from the Northbound side, it's a ache in the neck to do a loop-the-loop around the bizarre Dean Street configuration. It's apparent he cares about the attribute of what he serves after that is willing to go the extra mile to make you happy. Went here with a friend today and we both got Italian subs with all. I'm looking forward to returning for more pizza and would love to try their sandwiches as well. The staff explicitly ELI was very helpful all the rage explaining what you're ordering actual nice guy.

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